What a walk down memory lane. DeMar DeRozan's Cold As Balls episode has now premiered and the ex-Toronto Raptors star shared how he knew he was going to be a bro for life with Kyle Lowry from early on. However, he admitted that when Lowry first joined the team, the two players didn't have a proper conversation for a whole year. 

In season three of comedian Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud network show, former Raptors hero DeRozan plunged into an ice bath and had a deep conversation with the host.

As you might expect from a man who spent nearly a decade in Toronto, much of the chat focused around his time in the 6ix.

And Hart specifically asked about DeRozan's best buddy Lowry and what it was like when the longtime Raps point guard showed up three years into DeMar's time in Canada.

“He was on the team the whole year, I didn’t have a conversation with Kyle,” DeRozan revealed to Hart around four minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

The comedian immediately responded with "Kyle's weird, though." 

DeMar and Kyle, of course, blossomed into lifelong friends.

And they may not have spoken much, but the current San Antonio Spurs player insists he knew they'd be tight forever. 

“When we first made it to the playoffs, he missed the game-winning layup," Deebo explained.

He laid on the floor and I got on the floor and I told him I don’t give a shit if you would’ve made it or miss it, I’m riding with you no matter what,” shares DeRozan.

Man, our hearts.

DeRozan, also went deep with Hart on other topics, including how long it took him to adapt to Canada after arriving at 19 years old in 2008.

The interview went on to also discuss his mental health and issues he's faced in the past.

Not to mention whether he felt like he wanted to flip off Kawhi after everything that happened with the famous trade and the Raptors' subsequent championship.

DeRozan notably admitted he didn't want to watch his old team receive their championship rings at the start of the season.

But he still loves Toronto, there's no doubt about that.

DeRozan shared his respect for Toronto, calling his move to the city his "peak moment".

Despite the trades and the heartaches, it doesn't look like there are any issues between Deebo and Lowry, and the two remain firm friends.

Even if they didn't share much chat at first.

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