Countless movies feature male protagonists whose objectives are noble and completely void of women and romance. So while the reverse shouldn't be a surprise, historically speaking, such has not been the case. Even when women are able to land the lead role of a film, her objectives usually involve being swept off her feet by a man, and the contents of the movie entail obstacles in which she works tirelessly to become worthy of a man’s love. Thanks to Disney, we are seeing less of this as our princesses are slowly morphing into superheroes. 

In this new era of equality, Hollywood is finally putting forth an effort to make women in charge of important narratives in which they are three-dimensional. You know, like women in real life. Women on screen now get to be smart, witty, athletic, courageous, self-sufficient, and in charge of a narrative beyond the shopping mall. Women who don’t-need-a-man without explicitly drawing attention to a self-awareness of this attitude, as to not promote that this attitude is a noble rarity. 

We saw a paradigm shift after The Hunger Games broke box office records and became one of the most popular movies of all time. The Hunger Games was a massively important film for children, as young girls finally had a female role model who wasn’t admirable for her golden locks and waif-like figure, but for her strong build and the signature french braid that permitted her adventurous pursuits. 

The commercial success of The Hunger Games franchise has meant progressive themes bleeding into the Hollywood mainstream, and since then Disney has released Brave and Frozen and is keeping the ball rolling in anticipation of the big Disney next female hero, Moana. The eponymously titled film features a young girl name Moana who embarks on a journey to save the world in which her reward will not be the validation of a man asking for her hand in marriage. We can’t wait to see what Moana’s adventure holds, and you can bet we’ll be waiting in line to find out this fall when the film premieres. 

Moana will be in theatres this November 23rd! 

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