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Does Toronto Raptors Guard Lou Williams Have Two Girlfriends?

If you don't know, now you know.
Does Toronto Raptors Guard Lou Williams Have Two Girlfriends?

Photo cred - louwillville

After crushing it in last night's game against the Orlando Magic, Lou Williams has had his name on everyone's lips, and Twitter feeds. But it turns out there's more to talk about than a Raptors win. Baller Alert released a story in October alleging that Williams is in a relationship with two different women at the same time, but the story has only just begun to pick up traction now.

Now, there's nothing all that new or surprising about sports players dating multiple women at the same time, but what's making Williams' story trend so hard is that it appears both women know about each other, and are perfectly comfortable with the arrangement.

The two girls' names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell, or Brown and Blonde, as Williams affectionately calls them. There's photos of the two of them together with Williams all over his Instagram, so there's no reason to believe there's any shady business going on. Either way, Twitter has been going crazy all day, and many have dubbed Williams "the real MVP."

Williams with Henderson and Mitchell

Lou Williams trending on Twitter

— Ameir (@CuffYoFee) December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

— Gav (@Gav_Diddy) December 16, 2014

Even JR Smith is impressed

December 16, 2014

h/t from Complex

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