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9 Dogs Died In A Fire At A Toronto-Area Training Centre And It’s Just Heartbreaking

Police say it's possible the building's air conditioning unit may have ignited overnight.

Warning, because this is one of the saddest stories you’re likely to read today. At a Toronto area training and boarding centre for dogs, fire killed nine of the animals late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Police say the canines had died by the time officers responded to the blaze.

The fire broke out overnight at the North Toronto K9 Center in King township, in the York region of the Greater Toronto Area.

Deputy Fire Chief James Arnold said the fire burned itself out, as quoted by CBC News.

According to CTV News, police have suggested that the building's air conditioning unit may have caught fire overnight and caused the heartbreaking incident.

Employees reportedly only discovered the tragedy when they arrived for work on Wednesday morning at around 8:30 a.m., reports CBC News.

King Township Fire officials don’t think any other dogs were injured and that the fire is not being treated as suspicious.

While Arnold was able to confirm the number of deceased dogs, he could not say how many dogs were in the building at the time of the fire.

North Toronto K9 Center is a popular canine boarding and training facility that offers services such as puppy training, overnight and day lodging.

It also has extra-fee options including a walk in the country or a one-on-one playing session for your doggo, and has strong positive feedback from users on the facility's Facebook page.