Toronto's Don Cherry Support Rally Got Heated On Wednesday Despite Low Turnout (VIDEOS)

Don still has (some) supporters.
Don Cherry Rally Got Heated As Small Crowd Protested Outside Sportsnet HQ

Don Cherry still has his fans. At least, a few. After word got out of a support rally for the fired hockey broadcaster, people started showing up outside of Sportsnet HQ in Toronto with signs in support of Cherry. The Don Cherry protest on November 13 saw a couple of dozen people show up with signs supporting a boycott of Sportsnet and even Rogers.

If you somehow haven't already seen or heard, Cherry was fired Monday from his duties on Coach's Corner. Sportsnet issued a statement after receiving a lot of backlash from Canadians in regards to his comments about immigrants and Remembrance Day in Canada.

Not everyone was supportive of the decision to dismiss the 85-year-old, though. A social media storm in the wake of his firing saw #BoycottSportsnet trending on Twitter as some incensed viewers cancelled their subscriptions. 

And, as reported earlier on Wednesday, about 200 people were expected to attend a rally in support of Cherry outside Sportsnet HQ at 1 Mount Pleasant Rd. in Toronto. 

However, those predicted numbers didn't seem to turn out in the end, judging from video footage of the event.

The rally, which started at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, seems to have seen a couple of dozen people or thereabouts showing their solidarity for the former Coach's Corner host.

Things seemed to be turning a bit nasty, too.

A fight looked to have broken out after one of the protestors started yelling at a Toronto Police officer for an earlier altercation.

As of now, Sportsnet is yet to issue a response to the protests, which saw calls ranging from the reinstating of Cherry to the cancelling of the network entirely.

People are hoping Cherry gets his job back, while others are aiming to get him to work for a Russian pro-hockey team.

Cherry has mentioned he should have used a different choice of words but stands by what he said. He has been condemned from most angles, including by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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