The Ontario Legislature, where the provincial government meets and conducts business, descended into chaos today as Premier Doug Ford called Andrea Horwath and her party "disgusting" and accused them of being racist. 

Ford alleges that the NDP house leader, Gilles Bisson was imitating and mocking the accent of Conservative MPP Kaleed Rasheed. 

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While Rasheed is speaking in the House, Ford suddenly yells "Racist!" and demands an immediate apology, saying that a member of the NDP was mocking Rasheed's accent. 

The House then basically falls apart as Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath begin yelling at each other and MPPs from both sides join in on the chaos, before the speaker, who manages the flow and order of the room calls for everyone to stop. 

Things getting testy now in the house. As PC MPP Kaleed Rasheed is speaking, @fordnation accuses someone from the NDP caucus of imitating his accent. He yells “racist” and demands an apology. #ONpoli #TOpoli

31 July 2018

While Doug Ford claims that there is an audio recording of the mocking, Gilles Bisson has denied making any such comments. Further complicating the matter, the Conservative house leader and also the speaker of the house both didn't hear the comment while Ford and Conservative MPP Vic Fedeli both claim they heard it. 

To make matters even more unclear, audio from the Ontario Legislature today has yet to reveal proof any racist comments or mocking from either side. 

The inevitable scrum. Again, the claim is that NDP house leader Gilles Bisson imitated Conservative member Kaleed Rasheed's accent. Bisson denies doing this. The Speaker didn't hear it. The government house leader, who is in this scrum, didn't hear it.

31 July 2018

The Conservatives have now refused to answer any of the NDP's questions until a formal apology is made, but Andrea Horwath has said she won't force a member of her party to apologize for something they didn't do. 

Kaleed Rasheed is the first Muslim to be elected as a Conservative MPP. He represents the riding of Mississauga East - Cooksville.