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Doug Ford Calls Pusateri’s 'Disgusting' For Jacking Up Prices On Lysol Wipes

One Pusateri’s location in Toronto has been selling wipes for $30.
Doug Ford Calls Pusateri’s “Disgusting” For Jacking Up Prices On Lysol Wipes

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Doug Ford called out Pusateri's after the company was reportedly caught price gouging during COVID-19 in Ontario. The premier said it was "disgusting" that the high-end grocery store had priced Lysol wipes, an in-demand product, for $29.99. Now, Ford is promising that he is working towards making price gouging illegal. 

A photo of a sign at Pusateri’s was shared on Twitter earlier this morning claiming that Lysol Wipes were being sold for $29.99 at a Toronto location and that the product was limited to one purchase per family.

"I have zero tolerance for price gouging," the premier said earlier today in a press conference."I'm calling them out — Pusateri's. I hear that they're selling hand wipes for $30 a tin? That's disgusting! Absolutely disgusting that a company like that would be selling hand wipes for that cost."

The premier continued by saying that the Ontario Government will be working towards a new law that will make it illegal for companies to jack up their prices during the pandemic. 

"We're bringing this to cabinet and we're gonna put in an order that it's gonna be illegal for price gouging." 

"People have the nerve to actually jack up the prices for $30 for hand wipes? It’s beyond belief," the premier continued. 

“A message to anyone who price gouges: We’re coming after you, we’re going to come after you hard. I’m going to protect the people of this province.” "They're done. They're gonna be gone. Nothing gets me more furious than someone taking advantage and price gouging the public who are in desperate need of these items," Ford concluded. 

In a news release, Pusateri’s addressed the issues by stating that a price error had occurred when pricing their Lysol Wipes. 

"While no excuse, our stores are facing immense pressure on all levels of the operation. As a result of this mounting pressure, critical elements were overlooked including the incorrect pricing of this product," wrote the company.

"This was our mistake, our error, our oversight and we apologize to everyone impacted. We are promptly reviewing and adjusting any and all products that may have been improperly listed and every individual who purchased this product will be fully refunded by emailing info@pusateris.com."

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