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Doug Ford Officially Wins Election

It's official now.
Doug Ford Officially Wins Election

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford has officially won the Ontario election and will be the next premier of the province. Ford and the PCs will form a majority government for the next 4 years in the province.

His win ends over a decade of Liberal Party rule in the province.

Ford managed to fend off both the NDP and Liberals for an absolutely crushing victory. 

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By becoming premier of the province, it gives Doug Ford his first ever job in the provincial legislature.

Previously he has been a city councillor in Toronto.

Many will also know him as the brother of the infamous late Toronto mayor Rob Ford. 

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Ford ran on a platform of cutting taxes, he has also spoken out about how he would prefer to see marijuana sold through a free market system instead of a government controlled one the liberals put forward.

Polls originally called this race to be much closer between the PCs and the NDP, but that didn’t play out when it came to people actually voting. 

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The NDP will form the official opposition party for the next 4 years, a step up from when they came in third last time. 

The Liberals came in fourth, with the Green party coming in last with their first ever seat in the province. 

Source: Global News

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