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Doug Ford Personally Loaded Tons Of Masks In His Pickup Truck To Help Health Care Workers

The province is working to keep up a supply for medical workers.

As protective equipment in hospitals starts to run out, it looks like the Premier of Ontario is doing everything he can to help out. Doug Ford was caught driving his own truck to personally pick up 90,000 surgical masks that had been donated to the province from Markham company Dental Brands. A photo shared on Twitter shows Ford loading the boxes of surgical masks into his pick-up truck. 

According to Amy Fee, MPP for Kitchener, the Premier was spotted on Sunday loading boxes into a truck to help the hospitals around the province. 

"On Sunday the Premier @fordnation heard that 90,000 face masks were waiting to be donated to Ontario’s healthcare warehouse. Without even telling his staff, the Premier drove his own truck to pick them up and get them delivered," the tweet stated

It was reported that Dental Brands, a company in Markham, texted Ford to let them know that they were donating 100,000 masks.

Ten thousand went to the police, and the other 90,000 were donated to hospitals, according to the Toronto Sun.  

When Ford heard the news, he went right over to pick up the supplies. 

"I said if you’re free today, I’d like to come by and pick these up today to get them in the system," Ford told the Sun.

"You talk about the spirit of Ontario. They donated 100,000 face masks, Level 2 masks — the police took 10,000, I took 90,000 and brought them over to the warehouse."In a recent COVID-19 press conference, Ford mentioned that there could be a shortage in medical supplies, Global News reports. 

However, it seems that he is working hard to ensure that this doesn't happen. 

On Sunday, March 29, Ford tweeted a picture of himself visiting "one of Ontario’s warehouses storing Personal Protective Equipment. We got a firsthand look at the current inventory available to protect our frontline workers."The Premier has been working to make sure medical supplies are still accessible as Ontario's COVID-19 cases grow

He also tweeted that they "will continue to do everything we can to ensure Ontario has an adequate supply of medical equipment in order to protect the workers who are on the frontline of this pandemic every single day."

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