If there is one thing that Doug Ford loves, it's the TTC's subway system. Throughout his provincial campaign, Ford promised Torontonians that he would build a downtown relief line, as well as three more stops in Scarborough. 

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Ford's at it again and has now announced that the subway line will move beyond the limits of Toronto across the GTA. He announced this news while speaking at the Pickering news conference, stating that the subway will travel all the way from Markham to Pickering. 

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Jeff Silverstein, who is Doug Ford's spokesperson, said that Ford wants to build a state of the art transit system across the GTA. He also said that would mean going beyond the limits to make it one of the most modern systems in the world. 

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" We're going to build rapid underground transit that's going to extend, not only in Toronto, but we're the first government that's going to run a regional transportation system," said Ford during the media event. He said that this was to help get traffic moving and benefit the people in outlying areas get to Toronto's core. 

There are some criticisms of Ford's statements as the GO above ground tracks to travel to Pickering and Markham, which are both about 40 kilometres from Union Station in Toronto. 

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Ford has not offered any insight as to how he would fund the projects, nor has he mentioned the total cost. Both the downtown relief line and three additional Scarborough subway stops are proposed to cost billions of dollars, something the taxpayers may end up paying for. 

Source: CBC