An Ontario Student Called Premier Doug Ford "A Timbit" On Live TV (VIDEO)

Did television just peak?
Doug Ford Timbit Comparison Was Made By A Student And It's Live TV Gold

Ah, Timbits, the nation's snack. While the Ontario teachers' strike was taking place across the province on December 4, one student's reaction to the events on live T.V. is grabbing the attention. In particular, the kid's Doug Ford Timbit comparison, which will probably brighten your day a little regardless of your politics.  It's no secret that some students and teachers aren't too happy with Ford these days. Between the cellphone ban in classrooms, the class size controversy, and mandatory e-learning the PC government wants to establish, some people are frustrated. 

And, while a teachers' strike was taking place all across the province for the first time in 22 years, one kid's doughnut assessment is truly priceless.An Ontario student was interviewed on live television by CP24 on Tuesday, December 3, a day before the strike. He didn't shy away from giving his unfiltered opinion on Ontario's premier. "Well, I think Doug Ford is a really stubborn man," begins the student. "He deserves to go to jail...he's probably thinking about Timbits right now."

If that wasn't enough, that was when he doubled down. "He is a Timbit himself," the kid finished to laughter from his friends.The reporter cut the child off from continuing, but the short clip is everything you need to see today.

Don't take it from us, though. See for yourself below.

As you might expect, the reactions to this online were gold. In particular, many people are commending the youth for speaking his mind in a way that most adults would never do. "This kid should be on Toronto's most influential list," wrote one Twitter user. 

"Timbit kid for premier," wrote another.

"This is why the voting age needs to be lowered," another user chimed in. 

Someone even created one of those iconic Canadian Heritage Moments of him as a meme, which we're particularly here for. 

Whoever this student is, you can't fault his direct honesty.

Even a reporter who reposted the video on Twitter earlier on Wednesday said he wants to interview this kid.

If he wants to sweeten the deal in an attempt to secure Toronto's hottest new interviewee, may we suggest some Timbits?

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