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Doug Ford Will Officially Become Premier Today, Here's What He Plans To Do With His First Days In Office

Doug Ford’s big day has finally arrived as the Progressive Conservative Party leader is officially sworn in as Ontario’s premier today.

Ford won the provincial election earlier this month in a landslide and will the head of the Ontario government for at least the next 4 years.

Ford has made a lot of promises to help get himself elected, but there’s somethings that he’s said he wants to get done straight away. 

Ford has said that the very first thing he will do is get rid of the provinces cap-and-trade policy, which is meant to help reduce carbon emissions in Ontario.

He also wants to begin finding ways to cut government spending in the hopes of producing a balanced budget.

He has said that he believes he can cut spending without anyone losing their jobs.  

Ford has also said that he opposes the previous Liberal governments plan to increase minimum wage to $15 next year, meaning he will have to pass legislation rolling that plan back before it is supposed to rise.

Instead of increasing minimum wage Ford has said that he plans to give people minimum wage an income tax credit. 

Ford has already done some things even before being sworn in such as his hiring freeze across a broad range of job sectors.

Provincial parliament is currently off for the summer and Ford has not yet set a date for when it will return, but you can expect him to start moving on issues like these quckly as soon as he begins working. 

Source:Huffinton Post

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