Doug Ford’s Buck A Beer Plan Is Already Backfiring And Here’s How

Looks like the Ontario government didn't think this through.
Doug Ford’s Buck A Beer Plan Is Already Backfiring And Here’s How

Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, ran a campaign that promised dollar beers for all people 19 and older in the province. 

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Only ten days ago, Ford announced that the new minimum selling price for beer in Ontario would be set at only $1 per can or bottle. The program will be replacing the previous increased price that the Liberal government had set in place and is set to begin after Labour Day weekend.

Fords $1 beer announcement was met with backlash from breweries across the province that said they would not be participating. The sacrifice of quality for a beer that cost that little wouldn't make them any money.  

Still, there is a flaw in the plan that would up the price of beer from $1 this November, put in place by the government of Ontario. 

Via Ontario Ministry Of Finance

As of November 1, 2018, the Beer basic tax will raise the cost of $1 beer due to 3 cent increase on draft beer and non-draft beer. 

The tax could change how much beer bottles cost even though the minimum price is set a $1. While these are standards were previously agreed upon, it would be unsurprising if Ford decided to opt for keeping the rate the same. 

The premier said that lowering the price would give breweries the opportunity to be more competitive. The governments "Ontario News Now" encouraged brewers to step up and take the "Buck-A-Beer challenge."

With taxes on beer actually rising it looks like Ontarians will actually have $1 beer for two months, between Labour Day and Halloween. 

Source: Ontario Ministry Of Finance