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Ontarians Think Doug Ford Cancelled Canada Day So He Doesn't Get Booed Again And It's Hilarious

He cancelled the Queen's Park celebrations in favour of other attractions across the city.

Torontonians yesterday were disappointed to learn that they would not be able to celebrate Canada Day at Queen’s Park this year, as Doug Ford’s government cancelled Canada day celebrations to redistribute funding to other celebrations in the city.

The Ontario Premier and his government, who have already hit the headlines for the wrong reasons this week, announced that the traditional celebration would be cancelled this year, due to funding redistribution.

Anyone wanting to celebrate Canada Day in Ontario was instead invited to 10 replacement attractions across the province, where there would be free admission to the first 500 visitors at each location.

While the Ford government maintains that the new attractions on offer will be more cost-effective for the province and that plans have been in place for months to change the celebrations in the city, many Ontarians are not convinced that funding is the real reason that the Queen’s Park festivities have been cancelled. Instead, they have a theory about why the celebrations were cancelled.

On Monday last week, Doug Ford made a personal appearance to congratulate the Toronto Raptors during their victory parade in the city. As the millions of fans that had gathered cheered for the Toronto basketball team, the reception that Ford received was significantly more hostile.

As Doug Ford was welcomed by an MC onto the stage during the victory rally, thousands of Ontarians in the crowd booed him. Loudly. The whole scene was pretty uncomfortable, and Ontario’s Premier definitely heard the wave of disapproval.

Following this, several people have taken to Twitter to suggest that the reason that Ford cancelled the Queen’s Park celebrations was due to his fear of being booed by a large crowd again, as it is traditional for the premier of the province to make an appearance during the day.

One Twitter user said, “Good lord Doug Ford has a fragile ego. Get booed at a basketball celebration and cancel Canada Day celebrations that have been a tradition for 52 years? Makes sense,” and many others online shared the same view.

The new July 1 official celebrations will offer free admission for the first 500 visitors at 10 locations across Ontario. The full list of new locations can be found here