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Doug Ford's Government Is Ending The Drive Clean Program Starting Today And Many Ontarians Are Furious

Doug Ford's government announces end of Drive Clean program starting today on April 1 and locals are outraged.

On the same day that the federal government made the carbon tax effective in Ontario, the provincial government is fighting back with their own methods. Doug Ford's government is now ending the Drive Clean program starting today and Ontarians are furious over it. The announcement came today on April 1. 

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford said in a news statement today that the provincial government is "fighting to make life more affordable for drivers" in light of the federal carbon tax being implemented in Ontario. 

"The Ontario government is putting people first by making life more convenient and affordable for drivers while continuing the fight against the disguised, unconstitutional federal carbon tax," reads the statement. "Today marks the end of the outdated, ineffective Drive Clean program as well as the first day that the federal government's carbon tax comes into effect."

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Starting today, drivers in Ontario will not be required anymore to get a Drive Clean emissions tests for their light-duty cars. The provincial government claims that this move will save Ontarians up to $40 million a year. 

The good news for Ontario drivers is, starting today the outdated, and ineffective Drive clean program is done! This saves drivers time and money. The bad news is, the federal liberal carbon tax takes effect today and it is going to make everything more expensive. pic.twitter.com/T3ZFhp49vp

April 1, 2019

"Our government is standing up for the people by making life easier, not harder for Ontario drivers," said Premier Doug Ford in the news release. "We're focused on keeping money in people's pockets, not taking it away. We ended the Drive Clean program for passenger vehicles to save Ontario drivers time and money."

The Ontario Premier also used the opportunity to criticize the federal government's new carbon tax, which is effective in Ontario, among other a few other provinces in Canada.

"Unfortunately, the federal carbon tax is going to make the cost of filling up your tank more expensive," said Ford. "I promise the people of Ontario that our government will continue to fight this tax with every tool at our disposal."

This move has sparked outrage among many Ontarians. Several are unhappy with the decision and have taken to social media to criticize the cancellation of the Drive Clean program. People are worried that the cancellation of this program could bring detrimental effects on the environment.

Find out what they had to say below. 

It is amusing to see you continuing to repeat your nonsense, especially with the trained seals & moronic "for the people" signs plastered about. Remind me not to buy a car from any dealership where the goofs that own it are willing to hang your stupid signs.

April 1, 2019

On the day we learn Canada is, on average, experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. Nothing to be proud of @FordNation !

April 1, 2019

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"The federal government needs to respect Ontarians and our provincial government," said Ford in the statement. "We have a plan to reduce emissions, and the federal government should stand back and let us meet our goals as we see fit. You can be for jobs or you can be for a carbon tax, but you can't be for both."

The provincial government says that the Drive Clean program is no longer effective and is outdated because "industry standards have significantly improved, resulting in a steady decrease of passenger cars that fail the emissions test".

The Drive Clean program has been in effect for twenty years since it was introduced in back 1999.