Last week Doug Ford’s new education minister, Lisa Thompson, said that the new PC provincial government was going to be getting rid of the sex-ed curriculum put in place by the Liberals and going back to the one put in place in 1998.

This prompted a massive backlash from people who pointed out that the 1998 curriculum was way out of date with the modern world.

And now Ford’s government seems to be backtracking on the decision a little. 

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Yesterday Thompson said that the government would only be getting rid of parts of the sex-ed curriculum put in place in 2015.

In a speech to the legislature, Thompson mentioned parts that may not be taken out of the curriculum.

"We know they need to learn about consent," she said, "we know they need to learn about cyber safety, we know they need to learn about gender identity and appreciation.”

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To complicate things through her office put out a statement a few hours later which seemed to contradict what she had said in the legislature.

“We have made no decisions on what the new curriculum will look like. The final decision on the scope of the new curriculum will be based on what we hear from Ontario parents," the statement said.

Premier Doug Ford ran on the campaign promise that he would repeal the sex-ed curriculum put in place in 2015 because parents had not been consulted properly he said.

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NDP leader Andrea Horwrath says the government needs to figure the issue out now.

"It's reprehensible and irresponsible that this government has left everything in such a disarray that educators in our province aren't even aware of what's going to happen come September." 

So while the education minister says the government will be keeping sections of the new curriculum no one really knows what's happening for sure. 

Source: CTV