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Downtown Toronto Is Getting Invaded By Clowns

Watch out for red noses and tiny cars!

If you're afraid of clowns you are going to want to stay away from Toronto this weekend because the Toronto Festival of Clowns is taking place. 

The annual festival celebrates and explores clowns through shows, classes and cabarets. 

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For people who are intrigued by clowns, the festival aims to showcase the art behind clowning and provide a common community for clowns of all kinds. 

The festival has something for everyone and all different types of clowns, meaning if your average funny clown wasn't frightening enough, the festival specifically includes scary clowns as well. 

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Coulrophobia, the official name for the fear of clowns, is no laughing matter and can cause serious panic for people who suffer from it. It can induce crying, sweating, anger or even nausea in the presence of clowns. 

Lately the general fear of clowns has been on the rise thanks to last year's remake of Stephen King's IT (filmed in Toronto), featuring the creepy Pennywise terrorizing children. If that wasn't enough, there was also a string of clown related attacks and scares across North America last fall. 

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The festival is on now and runs until Monday, taking place at The Commons on College St. and Monarch Tavern on Clinton St. so if clowns aren't your thing make sure to avoid those parts of the city.