It seems like puppy lovers in Ontario are getting the chance of a lifetime, thanks to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. That being the perfect excuse to take in a new adorable puppy, all in the spirit of doing a good deed at the same time! The opportunity comes in the form of being a foster parent or family for a future dog guide that currently is just a small puppy looking for a place to stay.  

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Before you get worried, the puppies aren't looking for foster homes because they failed training or any negative reason at all. In fact, the reason the puppies need a home is in order to just have a place to stay while they wait to become official guide dogs. Meaning if you choose to become a foster parent or family, you will be a part of the process of preparing the dog for their big job! 

The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides disclaims that the foster parents of the dog must be able to raise the puppy up until they reach one year of age. Right now, 25 Labrador Retriever puppies that are only seven weeks old will reportedly be ready to enter new foster homes within "the next two weeks" according to the foundation's communications manager. 

With regard to criteria for becoming a foster parent or family, the foundation is specifically looking for families that are close to Oakville. Examples being Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph and Niagara. Foster families will have to attend puppy classes once a month and train the puppy to learn basic skills. This includes taking the puppy out in social situations in its vest and helping teach the puppy how to behave in its adorable dog guide vest.

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Another important part of the requirements is that the puppy cannot be left by itself for longer than three hours. Meaning that prime candidates would have someone working from home or having multiple people in the house that can be around when others are away. Of course, the biggest requirement though is being able to handle giving the puppy back after the year which of course is the toughest part. 

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If you are looking to get involved you can apply by clicking here. If right now isn't the best time for you but you are looking to get involved in the future, you can visit the dog guide website by clicking here and keeping tabs on when the next batch of puppies are looking for foster homes.

The foundation has already released information on an upcoming group of puppy poodles who will be looking for homes in March, so get excited! 

Source: St. Catherines Standard