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Drake Could Not Stop Flirting With Kevin Durant At The Raptors Game In Toronto Last Night (VIDEO)

Drake refused to leave the Golden State Warriors star alone.
Drake Could Not Stop Flirting With Kevin Durant At The Raptors Game In Toronto Last Night (VIDEO)

Drake sat courtside at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto last night as the Raptors faced off against NBA 2018 champions, the Golden State Warriors. It was a rollercoaster of a game, but the Raptors made the city proud with an epic overtime win. The final score was 131-128.

The thrilling game was definitely nerve-racking to watch. Especially for the 6ix God, who looked more emotionally invested in every foul and three-pointer than the players themselves.

Drake was the centre of attention last night, not only because of his mere presence on the sidelines. He couldn't keep himself from heckling the Warriors and saying anything to get their attention, especially their star player Kevin Durant. 

During halftime, Drake trash talked Durant as he walked off the court. Durant took the bait and gave Drake a "titty twister" to put him in his place. In a post-game interview, Durant admitted that Drake "talks a lot of trash."

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KD tried to give Drake a purple nurple 😂 (via @NBCSWarriors)

November 30, 2018

Drake telling the Warriors ‘It’s Over’.

November 30, 2018

But, clearly, the two kissed and made up because Durant took his Warriors jersey off his back and gave it to Drake. It's not totally clear why - maybe it was a peace offering, or because he lost some kind of bet to Drake. All we know is that the rapper could hardly contain his excitement.

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KD gave Drake his jersey after his 51-point game in Toronto

November 30, 2018

Drake's whirlwind of emotions last night is also going viral, specifically his over-the-top reactions at every major turning point in the game. Proving that he is, without a doubt, the Raptors' biggest fan.

This Warriors' comeback has Drake sweatin' 😅

November 30, 2018

KD has Drake SHOOK. 😲#DubNation

November 30, 2018

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