Flowers From Drake Mysteriously Appeared Across Toronto On Tuesday (PHOTOS)

Drizzy's secret may be out.
Drake More Life Flowers Are Mysteriously Appearing Around Toronto

Drake and Toronto go hand-in-hand, we all know that. And some lucky people have been surprised by a delightful, if unexpected, gift from the 6ix god. Drake's team has been out across the downtown, spreading the love and good cheer, by delivering mysterious Drake More Life flowers to people in the city.

If you were out in the downtown core on Tuesday, November 5, it seems you had a chance at being surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Drizzy himself. Well, sort of.

Various photos were doing the rounds on social media on Tuesday after flowers mysteriously turned up across the city. It seems many were sent to the offices of radio, TV, and other media broadcasters.

However, they were also on offer to the public, too. One lucky recipient, Sam Wright, told Narcity how she was surprised with a bouquet on Tuesday.*

"SUCH a beautiful bouquet!" Wright said. "I was in Starbucks at Queen and Ossington and saw a van pull up and people start to come out with boxes of flowers... So, I went out and asked them what the flowers were for and they just said: 'Would you like some?'

"Then they explained it was for Drake's new company! The people were super nice and only asked people to follow the @morelife account on Instagram. As simple as that."

There was a lot of speculation surrounding this super sweet gesture, and it was subsequently confirmed on Wednesday that Drake is launching a new company called "More Life".

Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich from Breakfast Television shared that news, then just a rumour, on Tuesday's morning show. She reported there will be more news announced on Thursday.

"More Life" is, of course, the name of a 2017 mixtape released by Drake. And, while no-one really seems to know what "More Life" the brand will entail at the moment, there's no doubt they're loving the flowers.

[rebelmouse-image 25955460 photo_credit="morelife | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="736x447"]

If you follow ChampagnePapi on Instagram, you'll see his most recent follow is an account by the name "More Life." The account is currently private with only nine posts, a handful of followers, and following only Drake so far.

Maybe on Thursday, November 7, we'll get to see what lies behind the private account.

If you're a Drake fan feeling left out by the lack of floral gifts in your life, make sure to keep yourself updated this week on what's in store for "More Life."

*This article has been updated.

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