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Drake’s Raptors Parade Flyover Was As Bad For The World As Burning 24,889 Lbs Of Coal

Drake better start reducing his carbon footprint.
Toronto Staff Writer
Drake’s Raptors Parade Flyover Was As Bad For The World As Burning 24,889 Lbs Of Coal

I think we can all agree that it doesn’t suck to be Drake. The beloved Canadian rapper and Raptors global ambassador lives as large as any A-lister could ever dream of. He goes wherever he wants on his personal Drake plane. The former Degrassi star showed us all that he couldn’t be further from the bottom this month when he cruised around the city in a double-decker bus during the NBA Championship parade while his private plane did a victory lap above the city.

Drake’s private aircraft, called Air Drake, did flyovers in Toronto during the parade. It was the ultimate flex, especially when you consider the rapper’s history with the team. However, new reports reveal that the 6ix God's air display did some seriously extensive damage to the environment.

According to Maclean's, the rapper’s air stunt produced 22,766.9 kg of CO2 on the very day that Parliament declared a national climate change emergency.

Air Drake's parade flyover was the equivalent of driving 4.8 cars for a year, the same as using a whopping 9,7000 litres of gas or driving 89,582 km. You would have to burn 24,889 lbs of coal or 52.7 barrels of oil just to get on the same level as Drake when it comes to eroding our ozone layer.

Don’t worry though, Drake can still undo the damage he has done. All he has to do, according to University of Ottawa professor Ryan Katz-Rosene, is plant 376 tree seedlings. Not only that, he has to make sure that all the trees live for at least a decade. Or he can simply donate 500 trees to Toronto.

A report by Climate Depot pointed out the irony of the situation, considering the fact that Drake has been pretty vocal about the dangers of climate change in the past. He's even written a song about it. “They’re talkin’ bout how the weather’s changing / the ice is melting / like the world is ending," are his lyrics in the song Heat Of The Moment

Although, you must admit, the flyover did look pretty amazing:

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