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Now Drake Is Putting Raptors Fans On Blast For Applauding Kevin Durant's Injury

Drake is scolding Toronto fans for their reaction to Kevin Durant's injury.
Now Drake Is Putting Raptors Fans On Blast For Applauding Kevin Durant's Injury

Drake is condemning Toronto Raptors fans for cheering Kevin Durant's injury during last night's game. The crowd in Scotiabank Arena roared in applause after Durant was walked off the court with serious injuries to his leg and according to Drake, Raptors fans were totally out of line. Last night's game marked Durant's return to the playoffs after he was sidelined with a calf injury during the Warriors' second-round series against the Houston Rockets.

Although fans initially thought otherwise, Drake was genuinely concerned for Durant's wellbeing after the Golden State Warriors player suffered from what appeared to be a ruptured Achilles tendon in the second quarter of last night's Game 5.

Drake, who has a tattoo dedicated to Durant, could be seen consoling the injured player as he was walked over to the edge of the court. Fans initially accused Drake of "faking" and "overselling" his concern for Durant.

Based on his social media activity, Drake was unimpressed with Raptors' fans reactions to Durant's injury. He even told the Toronto Instagram account 6ixbuzztv to take down a video of Toronto fans cheering as Durant is walked off the court. 

"Nah bro we can't rock with this post," Drake's comment reads, "Take this down."

In a post on Instagram, Drake said, "Was tough for any of us to even enjoy that game tonight after seeing this transpire. Praying for our brother. That’s my only concern tonight is your well being. 'The game needs me' is an understatement when it comes to 35. Please wish the best for this true warrior. 🙏🏽"

Just like the rest of the country, Drake was clearly disappointed by the outcome of the game.

A city that typically celebrates in the streets after games, Toronto turned into a ghost town last night. Fans quickly deserted Jurassic Park and the downtown core after the game ended.

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