The Internet Had The Funniest Reactions To Drake Singing The National Anthem At The Raptors Game (VIDEO)

People think Drake should have performed the anthem.
The Internet Had The Funniest Reactions To Drake Singing The National Anthem At The Raptors Game (VIDEO)

After several Canadian anthem performances got backlash at the NBA finals games, it looks like they finally got it right. People were obsessed with the Canadian anthem performance last night at Game 5 when the crowd took over. One of the famous celebrities that sang along? Drake. Now, Twitter is going wild over his sing along. Drake singing the national anthem at the Raptors game has resulted in the funniest memes. They are absolute gold and maybe the best thing you'll see all day.

During Game 3, Canadians were not a big fan of country singer Tenille Art's anthem performance and took to the Internet to share their thoughts. The Internet was not more impressed by Walk Off The Earth during their Game 4 anthem performance.

Game 5 proved to be a success, however, when Raptors fans got to take over the singing of "O Canada". Celebrities like Dan and Eugene Levy were seen singing along, but Drake's singing of the anthem has become an Internet meme sensation. 

Drake has been known for having some wild antics while courtside at Raptors games. From shading Steph Curry with his clothing choices to trolling Klay Thompson on Instagram, he's gone to all lengths to troll the opposing team. He has even gotten a warning from the NBA league itself. 

This time around, he's getting attention for something more wholesome. Check out the video of Drake singing along to the national anthem below! 

The Internet loved how Drake sang along to the anthem and as usual, some incredible memes and reactions have ensued.

Many people are now petitioning for Drake to sing the Canadian anthem at a Raptors Finals game. 

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We can't wait to see what wild antics Drake gets up to next. Here's hoping he makes another special appearance at Game 6 of the NBA finals this Thursday at 9 PM ET.