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Drake, The Weeknd And Justin Bieber All Make List Of Top Paid Musicians In The World

Here's yet another reminder that you're probably broke: Justin Bieber raked in $56 million last year and he's still only 22.

He is closely followed by The Weekend who made $55 million and Drake made $38.5 million. Not bad for some Canadians.

Yesterday Forbes announced their list of the highest paid musicians, and our Canadian boys, Justin, The Weeknd and Drake, obviously made the list. The list is compromised of the 30 top paid musicians in 2016 based on things like concert earnings as well as endorsement deals and so on.

So where did they rank exactly? Justin was 13th, The Weeknd was 15th, while Drake closed off the list and stole the 30th spot. Here is the full list:

  1. Taylor Swift: $170 million
  2. One Direction: $110 million
  3. Adele: $80.5 million
  4. Madonna: $76.5 million
  5. Rihanna : $75 million
  6. Garth Brooks: $70 million
  7. AC/DC: $67.5 million
  8. The Rolling Stones: $66.5 millions
  9. Calvin Harris: $63 million
  10. Diddy: $62 million
  11. Bruce Springsteen: $60.5 million
  12. Paul McCartney: $56.5 million
  13. Justin Bieber: $56 million (tie)
  14. Kenny Chesney: $56 million (tie)
  15. The Weeknd: $55 million (tie)
  16. U2: $55 million (tie)
  17. Beyonce: $54 million
  18. Jay: $53.5 million
  19. Luke Bryan: $53 million
  20. Muse: $49 million
  21. Foo Fighters: $48.5 million
  22. Toby Kieth: $47.5 million
  23. Bigbang: $44 million
  24. Elton John: $42 million
  25. Dr Dre: $41 million (tie)
  26. Katy Perry: $41 million (tie)
  27. Jimmy Buffett: $40.5 million
  28. Mumford & Sons: $40 million
  29. Jennifer Lopez: $39.5 million
  30. Drake: $38.5 million

Which of these do you find surprising? Also, can we just mention Justin and The Weeknd made more than Queen B!

Source: Forbes 

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