Drake Wants You To Know That You Can Make It Big If You're From Toronto

"All I did was find a way to make people proud of our city."

In a new short film released yesterday by TheFader.com our very own Drake is once again singing our praises, and we still aren't tired of it. The Fader has teamed up with Sprite for their new Obey Your Thirst documentary series chronicling the come up of rappers such as Drake and Nas. The campaign has also seen the release of the Know Your Verse Lyrical Collection of cans, featuring prominent lyrics by famous rappers, such as the Notorious BIG.

The first episode of the Obey Your Thirst documentaries, featuring longtime Sprite endorsee Drake, is a quick three-minute clip in which he explains a bit about his rise to fame but also touches on his views of the competition, or lack there of, and of course his love for the city of Toronto. Drake explains that "The artists from our city, their whole objective was to get out so I just had to flip that way of thinking" stating that often artists are told they need to be in New York to make it big, but Drizzy squashes that, saying that way of thinking is dead. "Do it the way The Weekend did it, do it the way PARTYNEXTDOOR did it, do it they way I did it. Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that's all it takes."

It wouldn't be a Drake spot without a little bit of deep reflection as he points out that "we're in a weird time, life is almost this ongoing forum. People can get so lost in these words displayed on the screen, everyone just wants to chat and comment, crack jokes. Effort that is put into doubt or hate, when it's that extreme, it's the same thing as love man, they're confused, it's not me"

We can't wait to welcome Drake home when his sixth annual OVO Fest returns to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre from Aug. 1-3. You know that the 6th anniversary in the 6ix is going to blow up!