Drake has been a very vocal fan of the Raptors, especially during the playoffs season. For both Game 1 and 2 of the NBA finals, the Canadian rapper was courtside and up to some wild antics. However, it looked like all of that changed tonight. Drake trolled Klay Thompson even though he was missing at the Raptors NBA Finals game tonight. Despite not making it to the game, Drake still managed to throw some shade.

Drake was up to some pretty wild antics at the first two games of the NBA finals. For instance, he picked a piece of lint from Steph Curry's hair and put it up on eBay where it went for over $100,000, reportedly called Draymond Green trash and shaded Steph Curry by wearing the Warriors player's dad's old Raptors jersey.

Although the Golden State Warriors shaded Drake tonight during the pregame, the rapper was MIA tonight during Game 3 of the finals. So much so, that it seems like he never even made it to the game. 

According to SF Gate, Drake was not spotted courtside during Game 3. There was also no footage of him at the game, unlike usual. So where is the celebrity Raptors fan? It looks like he may be in California, but in a different city: Los Angeles. Drake was last publicly spotted in LA on Tuesday for the premiere of a show he produced called "Euphoria", according to SF Gate

It wasn't just us who was wondering where Drake was – the Internet was also on the lookout for the rapper and his wild antics. 

However, even though he reportedly wasn't at the game, that didn't stop him from celebrating the Raptors win with some good old trolling.

Drake posted an Instagram story right after the game ended, less than an hour ago, trolling Klay Thompson of the Warriors. Check out the photo below!

Even if Drake doesn't show up to the game, you can still count on him to deliver some next-level trolling and shade and we can't wait to see where this wild ride takes us next. 

There's no word on whether Drake will be back with all his antics for Game 4, which takes place in Oakland on Friday, June 7 at 6 PM ET. So stay tuned to find out what wild move Drake pulls off next - whether it's courtside or on Instagram.