It wouldn’t be a Raptors game without Drake and his wild antics. While he may not be showing his face in Oakland, Drake's watching the Raptors from Toronto's Jurassic Park. Thankfully, there are tons of pictures and videos to prove it. 

Tonight is Game 6 of the NBA finals is in Oakland. The potentially history-making game isn’t being played on home soil but it that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t watching – including some resident Canadian celebrities. 

All day, people have been lining up outside of Jurassic Park in Toronto hoping to get a good spot to watch the game. It was touch and go for a little bit as a thunderstorm with possible lightning was on the horizon and fans were told to leave Jurassic Park because of the weather conditions. 

Thankfully, the show went on and people are crammed at the park right now watching the game. Alongside them is the one and only Drake! 

People are not shy when it comes to videotaping the celebrity, because literally tons of images and videos are being posted on Twitter.

According to pictures and videos that have surfaced, Drake is right alongside everyone else watching the game on the big screen.

In the videos, you can see Drake living his best life with his entourage. The rapper is seen lounging on a nice leather couch, and he's acting like he would at any other Raptors game. He was even filmed yelling at the screen.

From the videos and pictures, it's hard to tell who he's watching the game with, but either way, he walked in with a big crowd! 

Another familiar face in the Jurassic Park crowd is Toronto Mayor John Tory. While he may not be as famous as Drake, he does stand out with his classic Raptors suit.