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Drake Has 2 Golden State Warriors Tattoos In Very Obvious Places (PHOTO)

Drake has tattoos dedicated to the Raptors' opponents in the NBA Finals.
Drake Has 2 Golden State Warriors Tattoos In Very Obvious Places (PHOTO)

We've all seen Drake sitting courtside at the Raptors' post-season games. He tries to make himself useful from the sidelines by encouraging the players, taunting their opponents, even massaging Nick Nurse's shoulders. But, his loyalty might come into question during the NBA Finals because of Drake's Golden State Warriors tattoos. Yep, the 6ix God himself actually has Toronto's NBA Championship rivals inked on his skin. Awkward!

Considering the fact that Drake was awarded the official role of global ambassador for the Raptors and has been proclaimed as the team's greatest fan of all time, his tattoos are raising some eyebrows.

USA Today Sports reports that Drake has tattoos dedicated to Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, two of the players on the Golden State Warriors. You know, the record-holding team that will be facing off against the Raptors on Thursday in the Finals?  Not sure how Drake can reconcile his love for Canada's only professional basketball team when he is adorned in Warriors body art.

Back in 2018, Drake posted a photo on Instagram that exposed tattoos on his bicep of Curry's number 30 and Durant's number 35, with the word "Snipe" written on the bottom.  According to USA Today Sports, Drake had the tattoos as early as 2017.

USA Today Sports reported that Drake has struck up close friendships with several Warriors players over the years. In his song "Summer Sixteen", the Toronto-based rapper included the lyric "Golden State running practice at my house."

Based on a statement from Curry, the Warriors actually did play basketball at Drake's house.  So it doesn't seem like the tattoos are paying tribute to a friendship façade.

I'll give Drake the benefit of the doubt and assume he has some Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry tattoos hidden on his body somewhere. But until we receive conclusive evidence to support this theory, expect Drake to be wearing long sleeves during the NBA finals.

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