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Drake Got Caught Hiding His Golden State Warrior Tattoos At The Raptors Final Game Tonight (PHOTOS)

Fans are calling out Drake for hiding his Golden State Warriors tattoos at the NBA finals tonight. You’d never get him to admit it now, but Drake is definitely a Golden State Warriors fan, and he’s got the tattoos to prove it. It didn’t take long for fans to point out Drake’s unfortunate ink.

To say Drake is a huge Raptors fan would be an understatement. Drake’s name is totally synonymous with the team and the Global Ambassador has undoubtedly made his presence known during the Raptors latest playoff run. However, one thing that people often forgot about Drake is that he has a lot of friends in high places, and some of those friends happen to play for the Golden State Warriors.

Drake showed up to Thursday’s Game 1 of the NBA finals sporting a Dell Curry Raptors jersey, which was hilarious, but it was hard not to notice that Drake had placed a wristband over his left bicep - the exact area where his Warriors tattoo were spotted:

Drake tattoos featured the numbers 30 and 35 which some have speculated to be a blatant tribute to Curry and Durant who are known for rocking those numbers.

This is especially controversial since the Golden State Warriors are playing against his team, the Raptors, in the NBA championship finals. While Drake is sitting courtside supporting the Raptors, we all know he still has those GSW tattoos hiding underneath that wristband on his arm.

Drake was probably hoping that no one would notice his little coverup, but news of the armband is already popping up on Twitter. Tattoos of Warriors or not, it would still be hard to rob the rapper of his well-earned reputation as a Raptors superfan.

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