Drake and the Toronto Raptors go hand-in-hand in many ways, this much is obvious. And one particular star may be gone, but he's clearly far from forgotten in Drizzy's mind. The rapper shared a New Year message on Instagram and prominent in one of the posted photos was Drake's Kawhi Leonard jersey. Fans are loving the picture and have even gone as far as to suggest he should get a tattoo to honour the Klaw.

Kawhi, of course, led the Raptors to a first-ever NBA title back in June before leaving Toronto after just one year to return to his native California.

Despite the champion leaving the 6ix high and dry, Drake's still got love for the Los Angeles Clippers star.

The artist posted a message on his Instagram account to welcome in 2020. "To another year of taking my work home with me," reads the caption.

Accompanying the message were two photos. In the second, a "Leonard, 2" jersey is clearly visible hanging on the wall. The positioning and framing of the photo seem unlikely to be a coincidence.

And Raptors — and Drake — fans are here for the musician still giving Kawhi a special place in his heart and home. One even went as far as to encourage him to commemorate Kawhi's bring time in Toronto with some skin art.

"He needs to tattoo him on his arm now," said a fan on Reddit.

Other people suggested the jersey should be hanging in other places. The Raptors' home stadium, for example. 

"Should be hanging in the Scotiabank arena as well," reads another comment.

So much love.

Kawhi may have been a brief visitor to Toronto, but he left a lasting mark on the city and the country like few others have done.

Even when he announced he was leaving, the Raptors uber-Canadian fans didn't hesitate to thank him. And the team literally put his buzzer-beating footsteps in lights upon his return to the city in December.

Drake knows how much Toronto loved and wanted Kawhi. After all, he did his best to work his magic to try to convince Kawhi to stay with the Raps.

Although it didn't work, it didn't dissuade him from keeping Kawhi's jersey loud and proud in his house.

Drake's love for the Raptors was famous long before they won their first title, and he even received his own championship ring along with the players.

That attracted criticism, as did his initial decision to feature Marcella "Chair Girl" Zoia in his latest music video.

When it comes to his — and Toronto's — feelings for Kawhi, though, it seems like it's all love, baby.

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