Drake Spoke Up At Last Night's Raptors Game & He Did Not Hold Back

He loves VanVleet's tan.
Drake's Raptors Game Commentary Was Filled With Hilarious Burns

Drizzy is probably the most famous (and vocal) fan of his hometown basketball team. Drake's Raptors game antics during the playoffs became the stuff of legend. At last night's game, he got to hop on and provide some commentary (and do a bit of dancing).

The singer took the opportunity to talk about Fred VanVleet's tan, take a fun shot at Quavo and Justin Bieber's skills on the court, and discuss the spelling of Mississippi.

"I want everybody to just take in the fact that, like, Fred VanVleet's Turks and Caicos tan is just on ten million tonight," the Canadian singer said, "that boy's looking like Frederico."

He also explained that was why he was repeatedly doing the salsa dance all night, which was captured after a three-pointer from VanVleet himself.

Being the massive Raptors fan that he is, Drake also threw some shade at the team's many opponents, saying "[anyone] from the eastern conference that comes in this building and gets shook. I hope all you boys are at home watching this knowing when you come in this building you guys are some little babies."

This was followed by Terence Davis scoring for the Raps, and a shout out to his hometown of Southaven, Mississippi.

"Come on, spell Mississippi right now, Matt" the rap star requested of Raptors commentator Matt Devlin.

Devlin spelled it perfectly, but Drake wasn't sure, replying, "that sounded shaky, I don't believe you."

Drizzy even poked fun at a couple of his own on-court opponents.

"We don't want to talk about scrubs on the air, though, you know what I mean? Quavo and Bieber... How dare you!"

The shot was a reference to a recent pickup game where all three performers were playing.

Whatever people's opinions on Drake's fandom may be, there's no denying that he's a dyed-in-the-wool Raps fan and that he loves to be a part of the game in his own way.

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