Drake's Overly Concerned Reaction To Durant's Game Ending Injury Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Drake's reaction definitely shocked Raptors and Warriors fans when Durant went down.
Drake's Overly Concerned Reaction To Durant's Game Ending Injury Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

It's fair to say that game five between the Raptors and Warriors has been one full of suspension and tension. Though thanks to some fan reactions to Durant's second-quarter game-ending injury, theatrics have also been in the mix. Of course, it wouldn't be Raptors playoff drama if our favourite Canadian rapper Drake wasn't involved. 

It all started when Durant went down in the second quarter resulting in his departure for the rest of the game. At the point when Durant went down and was eventually walked off the court, Raptors fans inside Scotiabank Arena responded by cheering so loud that both Raptors and Warriors players on the court motioned for fans to calm down and be respectful.

Naturally, the actions of those fans attracted some seriously negative responses from viewers who found their cheers disrespectful and out of line. It even resulted in some people calling into question Canada's reputation of being "so polite."

Of course, the first person many viewers assumed would be the loudest and least respectful in the crowd was none other than Drake due to his previous antics during the playoffs. The Canadian rapper has been a controversial courtside attendee due to his tendency to get a little too into the game with his interaction with players on the court. 

Surprisingly though, Drake shocked everyone when the footage was released of his reaction to everything going down. Instead of a disrespectful fan, he looked more like a concerned mother: 

If Drake's reaction proves anything, it's that even the most devoted and hyped up fans should make room to be respectful when it comes to serious situations related to player's and their well being.