Drake Says He'll ‘Get Fined For Making A Scene’ When Adonis Starts Playing Sports

We all have dads, after all...
Drake's Son Might See His Dad 'Get Fined For Making A Scene' At Future Sports Games

Dads will be dads, are we right? It seems Drake’s son will have a lot to look forward to at his future sporting events with Champagne Papi himself on the sidelines. The Toronto artist recently commented on an Instagram youth soccer video saying he would "get fined" for making a scene over Adonis’ athletic accomplishments.

The clip showcased a young boy's impressive skills as he juggles the ball for an epic goal that most adults would be proud of.

The video says: “If my son ever did this and pointed at me, I’d cry.”

But according to Drake, tears would not be enough.

Basically, he’d turn into the hype beast we all know and love (for the most part, anyway) from Raptors games.

Except, this time, it would be on the sidelines of a little league game instead.

“Nah, if Adonis ever does this I’m for sure getting fined by the Calabasas Youth Soccer Foundation for making a scene,” the rapper's comment reads.

Ever since Drake finally shared photos of his now-two-year-old son, fans have been obsessed over the new papi vibes.

Turns out he’s the type of dad who goes all out at soccer games, who would have guessed?

Oh yeah, that's right. Everyone.

Now, if you’ve ever watched a Raps game with Drake in attendance you know he holds nothing back.

In fact, there are suggestions that the team are almost as famous outside Canada for Drizzy's courtside antics as they are for the fact they're, y'know, NBA champs.

Like that time he had a lot to say about Fred VanVleet's tan , for example.

And just as extravagant as Drake's sports-game reactions is his totally lavish Toronto mansion.

So, while it might be too soon to tell if Drake's little blonde-haired boy will even get into sports, one thing seems for sure.

His dad will likely be at every game, screaming at the other team to "go home!"

After all, he likes his chips with the dip , remember?

At least, judging by Drake's Instagram handle, whenever Adonis wins a game, his papi will bring the champagne. Once he's old enough, of course.