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Toronto Gives Drake Special Permission To Build Giant Fences Around His New Mansion (PHOTOS)

Drizzy is sick of fans trespassing onto his property.

He may be one of the most high-profile celebs in Canada, but even Drizzy wants to keep his private life private sometimes. The City of Toronto granted special permission to build massive fences around Drake's Toronto mansion. The reason has been cited as security concerns at his Bridle Path estate.

“The amount of people that try to come onto this property during the day and at night is very, very significant,” stated Brad Rafauli, vice-president of the Ferris Rafauli Architectural Design Build Group on Monday according to CTV News.“Security is really left in his hands,” he added.

24 News reported that Rafauli was seeking permission on the Raptors ambassador’s behalf for an exemption from the city bylaw. The law states that residential fences adhere to a maximum height of two metres.

Drake's representative insisted that the increase in fence size is essential to his client’s security. Even though the rapper already has 24-hour security on the property, fans continually attempt to gain access to the site in the hopes of seeing the star or getting a sneak peek of his mansion

“Everyone knows where he eats, where he sleeps, and that has really freaked him out,” explained Rafauli.

The rapper’s estate, famously located on Park Lane Circle in Toronto's upmarket Bridle Path neighbourhood, is still under construction.

His mansion already features several fences, walls, columns and gates to heightened its security. However, his counsel argues that they blend into the property since Drake spent over $1 million on 20-foot cedar trees to shroud them.