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Drake’s New Toronto Mansion Living Room Looks Like It's From KUWTK (VIDEOS)

Shoutout to his interior designers!
Photos of Drake's Toronto Mansion On Bridle Path Show It's Even More Stunning Than We Imagined

Attention Toronto based Drake fans, your favourite rapper is back in the city spending time in his luxurious home. You'll want to keep your eyes open at restaurants and bars, and especially at Raptor's games where he loves to hang out and cheer on the basketball team. After watching these recent videos though, you might feel a bit jealous because Drake's Toronto mansion in Bridle Path is even more stunning than we imagined. 

Drake posted on his Instagram story yesterday showing off the living room and kitchen areas of his $6.7 million home. 

Unfortunately, he didn't give us a peep at his full-sized basketball court, Olympic sized outdoor pool or toilet that automatically plays calming music.

The mansion is likely as big as an entire shopping mall, coming in at 35,000 square feet according to Capital XTRA

We did get a look at some key features in it including a black grand piano, a gorgeous fireplace, a ginormous chandelier, and a lavish kitchen island. 

There's tons of black marble tiling on the floors, counters, and lining the fireplace which adds an elegant touch. Drake definitely spared no expense on the small details. 

The videos were reposted by The Shade Room on Instagram.

Though the "Best I Ever Had" rapper doesn't share many pictures online of his Toronto mansion, he did recently host his son Adonis' second birthday and snapped a photo of the party setup. 

The gold balloons were a perfect touch to the black and white tiling on the floor and walls. 

In the same theme of luxury, Drake posted a meme on Instagram yesterday comparing his life at the beginning and end of the decade. 

The first photos show him in front of a Virgin Atlantic airplane with his face and the name of his song, Thank Me Later, pasted on the side.

Now, he owns his own plane called Air Drake, with the OVO log painted on the side. It cost him even more than his mansion, ringing up at $100 million, according to iHeartRADIO

It's undeniable that Drake "started from the bottom" and now he's here. And by here, that would be living in a multi-million dollar mansion that gives off super fancy hotel vibes.

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