Drake Admitted He Has "Zero Recollection" Of His Drunken Toronto Raptors Speech

Cheers to that.
Drake's Toronto Raptors Speech Was Not Pre-Planned, Rapper Reveals

Death, taxes, and Drake repping the Raptors. We're sure the rapper's public displays of affection for the franchise will continue in 2020, but he's now admitted he can't even remember arguably his highest-profile fan moment of 2019. As you might have suspected at the time, Drake's Toronto Raptors speech back in May was rather alcohol-affected.

The Raptors ambassador made a notable speech at Jurassic Park back in May after the team had gone 3-2 up over the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Viewers of the speech, which was broadcast live shortly after the ECF Game 5, may have noted the mile-a-minute pace of Drake's rhetoric.

He was clearly pumped at what had just happened, but he's now admitted he was more than a little worse for wear, too.

During a hugely extensive interview with Rap Radar, Drake discussed his Raptors fandom and that notable moment.

"I'm going to be honest with you, I was drunk and I have zero recollection of how I pieced that speech together. But, it was a surreal moment," Drake told the rap blog in the interview unveiled on Christmas Day.

"It was organic. I turned to my right, and there were 30 microphones, they wanted to hear me speak. That was like one of (those) things you talk about realizing how crazy something was until it has all calmed down."

We think he probably shouldn't worry about it too much, as a lot of the Raptors-mad country was probably pretty toasted too by that point.

If you've forgotten what Drake said in his short intoxicated interview, we've got you covered.

"Listen," he had begun moments after endgame on May 23. "We have the best player, the best fans in the whole NBA, the whole word. Look around you. Look at this. We created this. This didn't exist before we were here.

"Look around the square, I promise you right now, we did this. Doesn't matter what anybody says, they can say it's disrespectful, it's this and that.

"Everybody's within the rules, everybody's doing their thing. All we are is proud and passionate. We are like a college sports team. I promise you, I love Toronto, I love this team, and we're going to the NBA Finals."

He was right about the Finals. Toronto, of course, not only got there but won them, too.

Drake, of course, premiered his extravagant championship ring earlier this month. People weren't necessarily here for it, though. 

It's hard to imagine he cares too much. Both he and the Raptors have had pretty stellar years, after all.

It wasn't all rosy, though, and he courted some controversy to end the year when he cast Toronto's Marcella Zoia in his latest Blue Mountain Resort-filmed music video. He subsequently cut her cameo after backlash.

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