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Drake Threw Shade At Steph Curry By Wearing His Father’s Old School Raptors Jersey Tonight (PHOTOS)

Drake is truly becoming a master of trolling. The Raptors' Global Ambassador was spotted at the Game 1 face off against the Warriors, wearing an old school Dell Curry Raptors jersey. That’s right, Drake's wearing Steph Curry’s father, Dell Curry's jersey to the first game in the NBA finals tonight. This seems to be another attempt by the rapper to break his infamous “curse” while showing his undying love for the team.

Earlier this month, the Toronto rapper wore a 76ers jersey in order to break the infamous “Drake Curse” during the team’s Game 7 face off against the team. The Raptors ended up winning the match after Kawhi Leonard landed an incredible buzzer beater, forever confirming to superstitious fans that the curse is real and Leonard’s status as a basketball curse.

Drake couldn’t have been more animated during the pre-game, amping up fans and arena workers alike as he gleefully wore the jersey. It doesn't look like Drake is taking the NBA's warning too seriously.

Not to mention, fans caught Drake hiding the Golden State Warriors tattoos on his arm at the game tonight with a cleverly placed wristband.

Earlier today, Commissioner Adam Silver revealed that the NBA had talked to Drake about his eccentric courtside antics. Last week, the rapper set the internet on fire after rubbed Toronto coach Nick Nurse's shoulders during the conference finals.

Dell Curry famously ended his career as a member of the Toronto Raptors, making it all the more hilarious that Drake would choose to wear his trademark purple-and-black No. 30 jersey as he cheered on his son’s opponents from his courtside seat near the Raptors' bench.

The Toronto Raptors made history this year becoming this first-ever Canadian team to make the NBA Finals. 

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