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Drive-Thru Workers In This Canadian City Are Actually Working As Police Informants

If you've been to a drive-thru in Burlington, Ontario then chances are you were being watched by the police. 

Fast food workers in Burlington are working as informants with the Halton Police to identify and call in impaired drivers. 

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The project started last year in Burlington. Police partnered up with fast-food chains like Tim Hortons, Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King, and more to train drive-thru workers to spot impaired driving since they are already able to see into the cars. 

The workers are supposed to look for signs of impairment in customers coming through the drive-thru, especially at night time, and call police immediately if they believe someone is driving under the influence. 

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In order to make it easier for employees Halton Police provided the restaurants with a training video on identifying impaired drivers and also a laminated poster that shows the signs of impairment. 

According to Halton Police, since most drive-thru workers are young people and high school students, they designed the poster with emojis to make it more relatable. 

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The project is part of Halton's broader Community First approach which focuses on not only emergency response but also social development. The project was only a pilot, and it is unclear if Halton will be expanding it to other cities. 

Source: ViceNews

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