With up to 20 hours of ice rain and 10mm of ice build up occurring from now until Thursday, the roads throughout Toronto and the GTA have gotten fairly slick. University and college campuses have been closed down, school buses have been cancelled and even Pearson airport is delaying and canceling hundreds of flights due to the freezing rain. With roads becoming slick, drivers in the GTA just can't seem to handle the freezing rain and ice right now. 

Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for the city of Toronto as periods of freezing rain are expected into Thursday morning. Environment Canada warns that as the rain continues to fall driving conditions will become slick and challenging, especially highways. They have urged drivers to drive slow and accordingly to avoid collisions. 

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Toronto Firefighters have also released a tweet to remind drivers to drive according to icy conditions and to stay safe. 

However, as the roads continue to worsen, drivers in the GTA just can't seem to handle the freezing rain. Multiple photos and videos have surfaced on social media today to show just how treacherous those weather conditions are right now. 

Considering the current conditions due to freezing rain, we’d like to remind drivers to please be careful and to drive according to road conditions, as always. Stay safe. #Toronto #ONstorm pic.twitter.com/2brQaMJt0c

February 6, 2019

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt from the OPP has taken to Twitter today to show the multiple collisions that have occurred throughout the day as the weather worsens. In one of his videos he reminds drivers to stay safe, "Whatever you are doing, or wherever you are going, please drive safely. The roads are wet and slushy. A lot of things are happening, cars are spinning out and losing control, ". 

In one video, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt shows a video of a car fire that had occurred after a car lost control on Highway 401 Westbound at Winston Churchhill Blvd. The car had lost control due to the road conditions before hitting the wall and then a transport truck. 

Car fire #Hwy401 WB at Winston Chirchill Blvd https://t.co/4mKf4L2I2D

February 6, 2019

In another video, Sgt. Schmidt shows a car that has spun off into a ditch after while driving the QEW. The driver lost control on the slush while trying to make his exit and ended up running the car off the road and into the curb. 

Schmidt warns that it's important to ensure that you have snow tires, give yourself enough space and time to travel and to ensure that you are driving slow and driving safe when these kinds of conditions arise. 

Drive to the road conditions...aka #SlowDown https://t.co/xBl5fjfuom

February 6, 2019

A video posted on Facebook earlier today also shows just how bad road conditions have gotten throughout Ontario. This video shows a transport truck completely losing control on the highway and sliding sideways due to the ice build up. 

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As the ice rain continues to fall into Thursday, please ensure that you drive safely!