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Toronto Has A Lush Garden With Mini Waterfalls & An Enchanting Secret Tree

The tangled trunk and winding branches will give you Whomping Willow vibes.
Toronto Has A Lush Garden With Mini Waterfalls & An Enchanting Secret Tree

Calling all Potterheads! If you thought whimsical forests only existed in the world of Harry Potter, think again. You can discover a huge winding redwood tree hidden within Toronto’s Edwards Gardens and it’s giving us serious Whomping Willow vibes.

Once a private estate, this now public garden oasis is located just across from the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

Here you can enjoy a peaceful journey through blooming flowers, across charming footbridges, and past mini waterfalls.

It all sounds absolutely serene, doesn’t it? Well, it gets even better.

As you make your way through the various walking paths, you can head to the garden's upper-level arboretum where you can admire a variety of whimsical trees, including the giant redwood.

And in the spring, this spot becomes one of the best places in the 6ix to see those perfectly pink cherry blossoms.

Basically it’s like walking through a real-life fairytale.

So whether you’re a Harry Potter superfan or simply need a quiet escape from the city, you need to check out this incredible garden as soon as it’s open.

And don’t worry, this tree might resemble the famous Whomping Willow, but it definitely won’t try to attack you.

When the garden is open to the public, admission is completely free. We love affordable adventures!

And although this tree won’t try to take a swing at you, the enormous tangled trunk and winding branches suggest it would pack a pretty solid punch in the wizarding world.

A tour through this fairytale land should take roughly two hours or less of your time, though you probably won’t be in any rush to leave. 

Of course, if you’re able to stop for a picnic, there’s plenty of prime locations to plop your blanket down and enjoy the nature views all day long.

So grab your wands and your best witchy friends, because adventure awaits.

Edwards Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 755 Lawrence Ave. E, North York, ON 

Why You Need To Go: You can pretend you're a wizard at this whimsical fairytale garden in Toronto. 

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