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El Chapo Paid A Toronto Trucker Over $150,000 To Move Cocaine Into Canada

A Toronto man is facing extradition over his alleged ties to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

A new set of court documents revealed on Friday that the cartel run by Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, more famously known as “El Chapo”, was charged $155,000 to smuggle two cocaine loads from the U.S. into Canada by a Toronto man. According to the National Post, 44-year-old Mykhaylo Koretskyy is fighting extradition to the U.S. from Curacao after being charged by New York’s southern district for having alleged ties to the notorious drug lord.

If extradited, Koretskyy will be forced to face the full force of the U.S. legal system, something he is desperately trying to avoid. Before becoming swept up in the world of drug smuggling, Koretskyy was the owner of a Canadian truck company.

Koretskyy, who was known in the smuggling trade as “Cobra,” has been held in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island, since travelling there via an Air Canada flight out of Toronto last year. Little is known about how Koretskyy operated with the drug lord, other than attempting to import cocaine.

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The exact quantity of illicit drugs that Koretskyy smuggled for Guzman during their partnership is currently unknown. However, sources suggest that hundreds of kilograms of cocaine had been hidden in commercial trucks in what was likely a major trafficking operation.

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 “El Chapo” was finally detained for good back in 2016 after Sinola police intercepted his vehicle. During the arrest, the infamous criminal reportedly attempted to bribe the officers before threatening them. The four police officers on the scene were later alerted that 40 assassins were rushing to their location to free him, the New York Times reports. Police were ultimately able to transfer the drug lord successfully, thanks to a Cartel counter-attack.