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Elderly Toronto Man Brutally Assaulted On The TTC And No One Stepped In To Help

Toronto Police are currently investigating the assault of 65-year-old JPrimitivo Agustin.
Elderly Toronto Man Brutally Assaulted On The TTC And No One Stepped In To Help

A 65-year old man claims that he was brutally assaulted by a stranger while onboard a TTC train last weekend. JPrimitivo Agustin boarded his train at Kipling Station around 6:20 AM last Saturday after finishing an overnight shift. Agustin was then allegedly approached by his attacker somewhere between Broadview and Pape Station.

According to Agustin’s family who spoke with CBC, the senior's attacker tore the glasses from his face and threw them on the ground, and when Agustin went to retrieve them, the man began beating him mercilessly. 

The man reportedly punched and kicked Agustin for several minutes as he yelled for help. Despite his cries, Agustin claims the other people on the train merely got off at the next station to avoid the confrontation, leaving the elderly custodian to fend for himself.

"He was sitting quietly on the train 2nd to the last cubicle of train and playing on his phone when random guy suddenly attacked him, grabbed his eye glasses and throwing punches on him. When he’s on the floor the guy kicked him and stamped him many times," wrote Agustin's daughter, Glandale, in a Facebook post.

Glandale alleges that her father's attacker shouted at him to "Get out", at which point Agustin fled and called his daughter. "I drove the car then i saw him having difficulty of breathing and saw blood on his jacket," she wrote.

"Not even one helped. That's the sad part," lamented Agustin’s sister-in-law, Maltezo-Williams to CBC. "They didn't want to be part of that, I guess."

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By the time Agustin arrived at the hospital, he was having difficulty breathing and his clothes were stained with blood. Doctors later discovered that he had multiple fractures on his ribs.

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Toronto Police have since launched an investigation into the matter but have refused to say whether they have made a request to the TTC for the surveillance footage of the assault. According to the TTC, the video captured by their cameras is recorded over every 72 hours, if a request is not made within that timeframe, it is likely the evidence was already destroyed.

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