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Environment Canada Issued A Severe Thunderstorm Alert For Toronto And Here's Everything You Need To Know

After a long week of gruelling hot temperatures in Toronto, the heat wave is finally coming to an end. Yet, the cold front that's moving in this evening is expected to come with a cost. 

Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for South Western Ontario, including Toronto with the city is expected to get a tremendous amount of rain this evening and overnight. 

So what do Torontonians need to prepare for? The statement says that given the humidity and high temperatures, a torrential downpour could be localized to our city.  There is an expected 25 to 50 millimetres of rain predicted currently. 

To make matters worse, winds are expected to reach up to 90 km/h, so rain will be moving very quickly and violently. With such a high volume of rain is expected, that creates extremely dangerous conditions for people outside or driving around. 

The major issues that come with a storm of this size are flooding in homes, as well as streets completely filling with water and washing out. If you have to be on the roads this evening, be sure to drive slowly and carefully. 

The storm is expected to begin at any point this evening and carry out overnight. Some areas of the city have already begun getting rain but the storm is only beginning. 

Source: Environment Canada

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