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Environment Canada Has Issued A Weather Alert For Severe Winds In The Toronto Area Today

Up to 90 km/hour winds and thunderstorms are coming.

Environment Canada has issued a weather warning about severe winds in the Greater Toronto Area today. Winds are expected to pick up in the afternoon, and could climb up to 90 km/hour in some areas.

A cold front is expected to "blast through Southern Ontario" today,  and Environment Canada states that the winds may also be accompanied by "shower and thunderstorm activity." They've also said that the severe windy conditions are "strong enough to cause minor tree and building damage."

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A terrible wind storm already wreaked havoc on the GTA last month, when 100 km/hour winds tore through the city and caused severe power outages. With today's gusts only being 10 km/hour short of what we saw last time, the city should definitely prepare for similar effects.

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The wind alert is in effect for Toronto and its surrounding cities, including the Hamilton area. But, Environment Canada said that the winds will "diminish quickly" later tonight, making way for a beautiful day tomorrow. 

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So be careful out there today as you walk through the city, the extreme winds could case some serious damage. 

Source: Environment Canada