Environment Canada Is Warning Torontonians That They Can Get Frostbite In Minutes If They Go Outside Today

Environment Canada releases a frostbite warning for Toronto of extremely cold temperatures move into the area.
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Environment Canada Is Warning Torontonians That They Can Get Frostbite In Minutes If They Go Outside Today

Winter has finally hit Toronto this weekend, and if you were dreaming of a white Christmas, it just showed up a few weeks later than expected. As you already know, Toronto was covered in snow yesterday and a snowstorm hit most of the GTA. Today, conditions get even worse as temperatures are expected to drop as low as minus 30 throughout the night with the wind chill. Environment Canada has warned residents within the GTA that frostbite can set in within minutes of stepping outside today.

The Extreme Cold Warning is in effect for the entire city of Toronto today as a cold Arctic airmass moves in for the weekend. The low is expected to hit minus 30, but with the bitter wind-chill, it can feel like -40° throughout some parts of the city.

This cold is expected to linger into Monday as well and temperatures aren't expected to rise back up until Tuesday when a milder mass of air moves through the city, bringing temperatures back up to -5°.

Environment Canada warns Torontonians to stay inside if possible, so today is the perfect excuse to stay inside all day and binge watch some Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate.

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However, if you do choose to trek out into this winter wonderland today, Environment Canada is telling you to bundle up and wear layers. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, so make sure everything is covered! Pull out your best pair of gloves and mittens and definitely don’t forget about a scarf.

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This weather also increases the risk of getting hypothermia, especially for those with illness or those who are working or exercising outdoors.

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Environment Canada also warns you that your pets can also feel this awful cold. They state, “If it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside,”. So make sure to limit you furry friends outdoor outings today to ensure that they are staying as safe as you are in these cold conditions.

Source: Environment Canada

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