Brace yourselves, Ontarians, because the weather is going to take you on a wild ride this upcoming weekend. Environment Canada just issued a new freezing rain weather alert for Southern Ontario this weekend. The alert was released earlier this afternoon on Friday, March 8. 

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Southern Ontario is at risk of freezing rain this weekend on Saturday, March 9, and rainfall is expected to be heavy. Up to 25 mm of rain is in the forecast for the southern part of the province. The rain is expected to start pouring down late Saturday evening and continue into Sunday. 

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"Rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm are expected before the rain tapers off late Sunday morning or early Sunday afternoon," reads the alert. Regions with temperatures below 0°C are at risk of freezing rain.

The weather alert is in effect for almost all of Southern Ontario. Check out a map from Environment Canada showing which areas will be affected below. As you can see from the photo, almost the entire southern region is highlighted, including the GTA. 

Via Screenshot | Environment Canada

Environment Canada is also warning that flooding could be a possibility due to the heavy rainfall. "Ponding of water on streets with blocked storm drains and in low lying areas is possible," reads the weather alert.

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The brutal winter weather will continue to reign down on southern Ontario the following day on Sunday, March 10, but in a different form. Once the freezing rainstorm finishes on Saturday, intense winds are coming.

"In addition, southwest winds gusting to 70 or 80 km/h will develop on Sunday and continue for much of the day," warns Environment Canada. Toronto is even expected to get gusts of 94 km/hr on Sunday, Accuweather forecasts. 

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So what's the reason for this windstorm and rainstorm this time around in southern Ontario? "The rain and wind are associated with a Colorado Low that will track through Northeastern Ontario on Sunday," says Environment Canada

Stay safe out there this weekend, Ontarians! It looks like things are about to get real messy on the roads and streets. Here's hoping you don't encounter a power outage or any property damage in the midst of the storm.