There is nothing more magical than a unicorn cake. Unicorn cakes are the latest birthday cake trend. These cakes are a must-have for your next party. How can one resist this cuteness? YOU CAN'T. That's why you need a unicorn cake for your next big event.

Elle Dee Cakes makes these enchanting unicorn cakes in Toronto, Oakville and Muskoka. These custom cakes are featured at luxury grocery stores, but also available by appointment only.

via @elledeecakes

Perfect rainbow colours, batting eyelashes and gold unicorn horns. You can have your very own unicorn army by special ordering only from @elldeecakes.

via @elledeecakes

Don't have an event to plan for? Apparently there's a national day for everything... INCLUDING UNICORNS! National Unicorn Day is April 9th, which means you have a perfect excuse to grab one of these.

BE FERGALICIOUS- hop on the unicorn trend and grab your very own magical unicorn cake like Fergie's! Elle Dee Cakes has thses whimsical cakes waiting for you.