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Eva's Chimney Stacks In Toronto Just Added A Brand New Item To Their Menu And It's Going To Be Your New Summer Favourite

It's no secret that Eva's Original Chimneys quickly became a staple spot in the Toronto foodie community. Who hasn't enjoyed her chimney stacks? Be it at the Christmas market or during the warmer month, the iconic dough cone filled with soft serve is a city favourite, and you'll be happy to hear the iconic spot has extended their roster. 

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To add to the 'Chimney Cone', Eva's is adding a 'Chim Dog!' The item is simple considering it's a hot dog wrapped in dough but is insanely delicious. Kind of like Toronto's own spin on a Pogo! 

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If you are a vegan, don't worry about missing out! Along with premium beef dogs, they are also rolling out vegan dogs too that will be wrapped in 'fresh-baked savory chimney cakes.'

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Mouth not watering yet? You have the opportunity to add toppings to dress your dog however you like! As well they've also got their own specials including 'The O.G," the "Hungarian Special," the "Goulash Revolution," and the "Kimchi!" 

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If you want to go grab yourself a 'Chim Dog' or are just craving a classic 'Chimney Cone,' you can check out Eva's over at 454 Bloor Street West. If you want to know more details on what you can get on your 'Chim Dog' or just want to plan it in advance, you can click here for further details! 

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