Who doesn't love a good dinner party? You get to eat and drink great food and bevies, socialize with like-minded individuals (who also love dinner parties), and look fab! So obviously a secret dinner party is even better.

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The Dîner en Blanc was a concept that originated in Paris almost 30 years ago in 1988 when a group of friends decided to meet at an undisclosed location wearing all white for a dinner party. This idea grew in Paris with more recent dinners reaching an attendance of over 10 000. It also spread to countries all over the world including New York. Mexico City, Singapore and so on. And why wouldn't it catch one? The spectacle alone is worth going to an event like this:


 For the last 5 years, Toronto has too adopted this flash-mob picnic. Every year the event grows larger and larger, taking on a new location. Your guess is as good as ours about where this year's will take place!

So how does one score an invite to this event? Well it's a little trickier than you'd expect: If you're lucky to know someone who's previously been to the event, they can invite you by sending you an invitation code. Otherwise, you have to fill out a form, be put on the waiting list and hope you're one of the chosen ones. Apply here!

Okay great, you somehow managed to secure your spot at Diner en Banc, what next? Guests are required to bring their own table, chairs, and white table setting (complete with proper stemware) as well as food and drink (no beer or hard liquor allowed!). Of course you can also order a catered basket at an additional fee.


If you do score an invite for the event, make sure to dress to the 9's cause you never know when you could run into some local celebs, like TV personality Jessi Cruickshank!