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Everyone Is Talking About The New Climate Change Plan In Canada And Here's How It Will Affect You

Ford announces a new plan which will replace the Liberal's old Carbon Tax Plan.
Everyone Is Talking About The New Climate Change Plan In Canada And Here's How It Will Affect You

Today, the Ontario Government finally released their Climate Change Plan and it's replacing the Liberal's old plan of Carbon Taxes. In attempts to meet the Paris Agreements of 2030, which calls for the reduction of greenhouse emissions by 30 per cent, Ford has created a new plan. The main goal of this Climate Change Plan is to lower greenhouse gas emissions and create greener technologies by offering incentives to business owners, farmers and even home owners. 

"It's a plan that represents a clean break from the status quo, and it's a plan that balances a healthy environment and a healthy economy," Environment Minister Rod Phillips stated today in a news conference. The Carbon Trust will spend $400 million over 4 years in order to work with private sectors to help make Ontario greener. 

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The Carbon Trust System offers tax-payer funded incentives to famers, landowners and business owners who put in effort to create an environmentally friendly environment throughout their business.

So far, Ontario is at 22 out of 30 per cent reduction of emissions and the Ford Government is confident that the extra 8 per cent will be reached with the creation of this new Climate Change Plan and without the use of Carbon Tax.  

The drop of Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax comes as no surprise. Ford has made a promise to fight against anything Carbon Tax related and has recently blamed the Carbon Tax policy for the reason of the GM Plant shut down. 

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So how will this new plan affect you? In the Ontario Government's 5 Year Plan, they promise that it will offer new jobs, promote innovation and will offer citizens of Ontario, more reasons to reduce your carbon foot print. 

However, this doesn't mean anything dramatic will happen to your lifestyle. The Ontario Government has promised there will be no dramatic changes and instead wants to create a competitive situation where businesses and landowners are encouraged to do their part in reducing emissions. 

This new plan is also putting measures in place to support low-income families during this change. These new incentive programs will ensure that families have the means and technology to be able to do their part in lowering emissions. 

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So don't worry about switching over to an electic car just yet. The New Climate Change Plan ensures that citizens still have the ability to live their own personal lifestyle with no set dates on when and what needs to be limited for reduced emissions. 

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